Our Committment to your wellbeing

We take you to our destinations safely with your wellbeing in priority!

During the last few months all of us have been gone through some rough & uncertain times. Meeting friends, traveling and visiting new places have been a taboo and going abroad for an exchange semester or the trip of your dreams felt like a dream that might never come true. Our team at 90degreesnorth consists of pure travel souls and we completely understand how hard it must have been for many of you to be in the one and same place for several months beside the fact of many other difficulties that arose with Covid-19. We are realists and know that the pandemic is NOT over yet, but we will try to slowly get back to track and try to benefit of the advantages our destinations have to offer.

At 90degreesnorth we’re looking forward to welcoming back our travellers as soon as you’re ready to hit the road again. That’s why we’ve rigorously evaluated our experiences, training and protocols to make sure we not only meet our travellers wellbeing expectations, but exceed them in every single way. We sought guidance from Folkhälsomynndighet, the Swedish heath service, and, as members of the Swedish Travel and Tourism Council, we’ve been involved in defining global protocols.
Don’t worry. We were students ourselves who know the ways of Budget travel and we have designed trips that don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

These are precautionary measures that will constantly be adapted in accordance with guidelines. We will always take necessary steps to ensure our travellers’ wellbeing, but rest assured that none of this will affect the incredible cultural experiences you’ll immerse yourself in, the unique accommodation you’ll visit or the friendships you’ll make on the road. This is still 90degreesnorth - lifelong memories always guaranteed.
We promise to make it happen

This is how we do our trips in the future



Arrival and Welcome

We’ve adapted trip arrival times to ease congestion between people so your Trip Manager can conduct a welcome through digital channels luke Whatsapp and Email, covering what can be expected on your trip and all the necessary wellbeing precautions.

Physical Distancing and group size

We’ll be adapting group sizes to comply with regional distancing requirements and for the peace of mind of all of our travellers.


Our Collaborators Buses are thoroughly cleaned  prior to the start of your trip. Our drivers are trained on the latest hygiene protocols and will clean and disinfect all surfaces including handrails, door handles, tables, seating areas and overhead rails. Furthermore, buses will be used as in usual years slight difference here every second seat will be closed while you travel on the bus.

Face Masks

It is important that travellers bring their own face masks to comply with regional guidelines. It is also a good idea to have your own hand sanitiser, though there will be some available on the trip at all times.

Boarding and disembarkation protocols will be adapted to ensure physical distancing is maintained and our Trip Managers & Drivers will be available for guidance should you require it. 


We will only work with trusted partners that are like-minded and care about the well-being of our travellers and are fully compliant with locally mandated standards.  

Sightseeing & Local Guides

Each supplier must be fully compliant with locally mandated standards. We’ll arrange priority entrance whenever possible and ensure physical distancing throughout. All our Local Guides will have been trained on hygiene protocols and provided with the same checklists and standards your Trip Manager will adhere to. 


We’ll ask all travellers to monitor their health throughout their trip, with protocols in place in the event someone becomes ill or displays symptoms of COVID-19.

If a traveller exhibits symptoms of COVID-19

Our Trip Managers will have been trained and have detailed protocols to follow in this event. Read more about these protocols in the FAQs below. 


Which measure has 90degreesnorth AB taken to minimize the risk of Corona infections?
For us at 90degreesnorth AB, our guest’s health is the most important and we have introduced many measures and changed our routines and itineraries to minimize the risk of infections. We have ensured to be able to have enough distance between each person in the bus and cabins. While we used to travel in group sizes of 64 people per trip before the pandemic, this year's trips will only cover smaller groups during our travel dates so that every person has his/her own seat in the bus. Also a maximum of 13 people are in a cabin and the trip is designed so that each cabin does the activities in the trip privately. Everyone who travels with us is required to bring their own face masks and sterlize them whenever needed. We will have some extra ones with us in case you do not have them.
How are the measures during the flight?
We follow the Swedish health regulations and the flight companies standards and we will inform you before your flight which these are. We always recommend washing your hands regularly with soap and warm water and disinfecting them before eating, touching your face.
What are the measures taken for the stay in Lapland & Norway?
- Our collaborators in Kiruna take special care of the cleaning and maintenance of the cabins, common areas and bathrooms. There will be disinfectant available before entering the common areas so that you can disinfect your hands before entering the facilities and after exiting them. In every cabin there will also be a bottle of disinfectant available.